Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association Committee Members 1999-2000

Honourable Advisor: Mr. Tan Swee Hueng
Mr. Lor Chai
Advisor: Mr. Lim Gin Hai
Chairman: Mr. Chin Sai Peng
Vice Chairman: Mr. Lee Boon Huat
Mr. Tan Yong Seng
Secretary: Mr. Tan Kong Liang
Ass. Secretary: Mr. Loh Kooi Cheng
Treasurer: Mr. Lee Far Li
Ass. Treasurer: Mr. Goh Poh Chuan
Committee Members: Mr. Lim Sai Leng
Mdm. Cheah Lian Hong
Mr.Goh Kit Chai
Mr. Ng Chai Poa
Mr. Tan Teik Leong
Mr. Chuah Wah Teong
Mdm. Foong Pek Har
Mr. Hoo Boon Tat
Auditor: Mr. Wong Chan Min
Mr. Cheng Kong Beng

Parent Teacher Association of
Chung Ling High School Butterworth

The Parent Teacher Association of Chung Ling High School Butterworth was formed on 25 April, 1992 ( Saturday ) at 2.00 p.m. in the school hall. Projects that have been carried out are as follow:-

  1. Raising funds through " Charity Sales " for school  societies.
  2. Presenting  book coupons / cash prizes as encouragement for students who represented school and won prizes in various competition.
  3. Presenting souveniers to students who excel in PMR or SPM examinations.
  4. Provide financial assistance to those who attend courses.
  5. Sponsoring leadership camps for school societies.
  6. Offering of scholarship to needy students.
  7. Sponsoring instructions for clubs and games.
  8. Donating RM 50,000 for the construction of toilets for students.
  9. Purchase of 100 new tables for school staff.
  10. Provision of additional facilities for the school.
  11. Fund raising through school variety show.
  12. Sponsoring students for study trips, competitions and exhibitions.